Access Control Systems

Working with our physical access control professionals, we are working to make IP-based access control easy, accessible and attractive. If you have a complex access control project our partners have developed and provided CredoID, a software suite that integrates hardware from world leading brands into a robust and powerful system.

  • Do you have a complex project with requirements a single provider cannot match?
  • Or, perhaps, you would like to find the best value solution within your budget constraints?

Then look no further. CredoID is the solution that can answer all your needs.

Here is a run down of the ket features and attributes that CredoID can offer you:

Access Control

  • Use Limit: Access rights automatically disabled when allowed number of uses is reached.
  • Holiday: multi-day holiday and automatic rescheduling for next year. Up to 4000 holiday dates.
  • Vehicle Control: Store vehicle details, track movement, generate reports.
  • Manual verification of permissions: In case of a lost card verify user permissions for any door by entering name or employee number.
  • IP reader support: enjoy high speed uploads, PoE flexibility, fault tolerance, unlimited expansion, and other benefits of IP-based solutions.
  • Effective use of hardware resources: Each controller or reader receives only the segment of data that concerns its operation.
  • Fault tolerance: No external failures will impact an individual node, and a failure of any node will not impact the rest of the system.
  • Hardware-independent system configuration.
  • Anti-passback hard and soft.
  • ID card design and printing (badging).
  • Integrated management of biometric data.
  • Child security sends email or SMS alerts to parents every time their child enters or leaves school territory. (Could be applied to other scenarios)
  • Visitor management: give temporary rights to visiting users and generate visitor reports.

Time and Attendance

  • Integration with access control: save costs by using the same readers, cards, fingerprints and management software.
  • Integration with video: eliminate buddy-punching by capturing snapshots of every work-time related transaction. External IP cameras and built-in reader cameras supported.
  • Automatic import of schedules: from ERP, HR or accounting systems.
  • Automatic import of users: from ERP, HR or accounting systems.
  • Rotating schedules: for companies with 24/7 operations.
  • Multi-day absences: with standard and custom reasons.
  • Department view: shows the grid of staff schedules.
  • Strict schedules: no tolerance for deviations.
  • Flextime.
  • Regulated hourly breaks.
  • Job codes.
  • Overtime authorization.
  • MS Excel report format: allows manual corrections and further processing.
  • Biometric time clocks: all Suprema biometric terminals supported.

Monitoring and Security

Alarm Monitoring

  • Intuitive display of events: game-like animation adds clarity and understanding. An operator can see as a door opens or reader changes mode of operation. Operator training requirements are reduced and response time is improved.
  • Alarm acknowledgement procedures to record detailed history and operator comments of important alarm events. No critical alarms shall be missed.
  • Alarm transmission via SMS (mobile phone text messages) and email.
  • “Push” technology for real-time alarm delivery and reduced network traffic.
  • Graphic maps.
  • Video integration: automatic display of video from an alarm location, ability to browse video history, storage of snapshots in security database.
  • Audible alarm alerts for operators.

Data Security

  • All popular access control cards supported.
  • Authentication modes: Card only, Card & PIN, fingerprint.
  • Programmable card removal actions: lock PC automatically, even when stepping away just for a few minutes.
  • Emergency access in case of a lost card.
  • Physical access control rules applied in logical access.
  • PC logon events displayed and integrated into security management system.
  • Instant deactivation of a user in physical and logical access control systems.
  • Active Directory support.

Expansion and Integration

  • IP-based video management systems.
  • Built-in reader cameras.
  • IP-based burglar alarm systems.
  • Data links to HR, accounting, ERP and other systems.
  • Web service API.
  • XML data import & export.
  • Automatic import & update of users from CSV files or Active Directory.
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition systems. Application of all access control rules to vehicles, including: access levels, activation/expiration dates, use limit, operator confirmation, occupancy limits and others.
  • LPR OCR error compensation. Handle optical license plate recognition errors by using flexible matching and wild-card characters.
  • Digital scales support: user/vehicle weight as an additional verification factor.
  • Programmable triggers: any event (or double/triple identical events) may be used to trigger automatic actions.
  • Support for indoor/outdoor LED display boards: show building or parking occupancy data.
  • Unlimited expansion in terms of users, PC workstations, readers, alarm inputs and outputs.
  • Unlimited number of cards, finger templates, PIN’s, vehicle license plates per user.
  • Smooth growth. Purchase or upgrades of expensive master controllers or software licenses not required.
  • Backwards and forwards compatibility: no need to replace old generation readers/controllers in order to add more controlled points.
  • Support for major security hardware manufacturers. Ability to mix hardware of different manufacturers in the same system.
  • System partitioning. Divide a system into “Locations” or “Sites” for convenient and secure administration by multiple operators.

Automation and Reporting


  • Scheduled database backups. No need to configure anything: system makes backups automatically from the first day.
  • Regular database maintenance to ensure top-level performance.
  • Advance expiration warning. Reduce loss of visitor cards and renew user permissions in a timely manner.
  • Report generation based on user-defined templates and schedule.


  • Preconfigured reports: system and alarm events, user details, hardware configuration, access permissions, employee time & attendance.
  • Adobe PDF and MS Excel formats.
  • Emergency reports: last known location of each user, sorted by building zones, and by user groups.
  • Eco-friendly printing: fit more data per page and reduce toner and ink costs.

Localization and Standards


  • Multi-lingual interface: English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi (Persian), Finish, Norwegian, Dutch, Azerbaijani, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Russian.
  • Built-in translation tool: add new language in matter of hours.
  • Extended regional options including Gregorian and Farsi calendars and ability to configure weekend days.


  • Mainstream DB engine: MS SQL 2008/2008R2/2012,2016 32/64-bit.
  • Industry standard readers: all Wiegand formats supported.
  • Web service API