CCTV Services

IP network transmission for security system installation and upgrades

Full HD Recording

Professional Installation

Quality Branded Hardware

In a modern age you need modern security

In this modern age CCTV is a must-have for many modern businesses. CCTV is the leading deterent to would be criminals, and enables you to monitor and secure your property from theft and damage.

What we offer:

  • Bespoke Installed CCTV Packages
  • CCTV Service and Maintenance
  • ANPR - Number Plate Recognition
  • Video Intercom (door access options available)

We can offer bespoke CCTV packages using either IP, Analogue or Hybrid systems. With up to 12 Megapixel resolution quality over IP and up to 8 Megapixel resolution on analogue, all our systems provide HD quality.

Manpower and guarding costs can be reduced

The benefits of the new flexibility in CCTV systems means you can choose the best option for you, all our systems include remote access (internet required) giving you the ability to view your live video, and from your preferred device or devices. This includes Smartphones, Laptops/PC's and tablets. This gives you the ability to significantly reduce the need for manpower and guarding which in turn reduces costs.

ACME BSC Structured Network Systems

We can provide a Structured Network separate from your main IP Network, for the dedicated operation of your IP Network Video System, when combined with the Network Video installation expenditure may prove a cost effective surveillance solution.